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Our Purpose Is To Explore all areas of Health

The Kilos Project (TKP) is a multimedia platform that reflects the artistic process that is shared between personal fitness and organizational design. Our purpose is to explore all areas of Health with a critical and creative mind that is exercised through three simple actions: Train. Recover. Create.

By using audio, visual, and textual elements we position Health at the center of all our projects. We believe the body is the tool through which the spectrum of personal development can be used to direct the organizational and artistic structure of life.

Typically, Health is viewed as an objective discipline whereas art is viewed as subjective. TKP believes that through creative exploration, the individual can actively choose to dismantle these opposing beliefs and instead create a healthy body of work that will express unity between them.

The Kilos Project is where fitness meets design.



I am IV, the creator and artistic director of The Kilos Project (TKP).

Over the span of a 12+ year career as a coach, my perspective of Health and Business was influenced by three of my professions: Personal Training, Manual Therapy, and Organizational Psychology. Every certification, licensure, and degree I achieved allowed me the privilege to learn alongside experts in their field. From neurological techniques, biomechanics, and strength training; to art design, consulting, and filmmaking, I was able to build a resilient network of support both in experience and for reference in creating The Kilos Project.

In the early part of my career, my artistic aspirations took a backseat to build a robust knowledge in Athletic Training. Most of my time was dedicated to learning the science behind how to prevent, examine, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate acute, or chronic injuries. While at the time it may not have been obvious to me, I was also generating the practical skills and experience necessary to build an artistic representation of the health journey we all share. Working as a trainer, I understand the industry can contain confusion and conflicting information, but it's through a strategic organization of all this knowledge that we can identify how to create a process that's clear and meaningful for everyone.

Today, my research has led me down a path in which I can examine Health, Business, and Art through the lens of Organizational Psychology to explore the human condition. My hope is to provide a framework around this philosophy in a way that's honest and pragmatic with a methodology that's simple and creative at whatever stage people find themselves in life.

This project is my contribution as a fitness and organizational coach.