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Exercise is enhancement by many meanings.

It’s a practice in growth, strength, and longevity that exceeds all of our efforts and goals.

It’s the will to exert a change by any measure and improve no matter the outcome.

Place it in any context and the result is progress, an activity focused on skill.

Exercise is performative art.

It’s cause and effect in and of itself.

It’s a system of maintenance that affects inward and outward variations.

This is why at any point in time when you decide to apply a force for change upon your body and mind, it was the right decision.

It gives you access to new data to interpret, however you see fit.

This is why it can make, or break you.

How else can you maintain something without challenging its value?

Risk for reward is a suitable fit for both personal and physical development.

Exercise is in support of survival.

It’s a moment by moment lesson in responsibility and perseverance,

accessible only by one’s choice and intent.

If harnessed properly, exercise reveals our most personal results over time.

Exercise is not just physical and mental, it’s relational and a healthy relationship does not thrive without a strong body of work.

We know talking about exercise isn’t enough, action must be taken, and the world will have multiple ways of exposing the realities behind what we know about exercise. From the practical to the theoretical and the superficial to the philosophical; there will always be a discussion on what is appropriate and what is misleading for the public. Exercise will continue to be a buzz word of potential, but it’s with that potential that can determine how we can shape our perception in defining it based on our own experiences to get the answers we want. I could have easily picked an even broader word to reflect this perspective like Health, Wellness, or Fitness, which people do debate about often, but none of those words are verbs. None of them call you to action. But exercise does! And yet it scares some and excites others, to the point that it leads many to avoid doing it or overindulge in their perspective of it to which nothing gets resolved.I believe understanding how we respond to a word or action that challenges our environment can be helpful for maintaining the proper growth mindset we aspire to be in the world. Exercise archives this in a healthy and applicable way. It is possible to create different responses toward our own bias, if we put our focus in the right context. Exercise sounds like commitment, but it means well. Even its proper definition explains its support to “enhance and maintain” a wellness state. If there’s any advice to extract from that definition is to start where you are, with what you can, and just remember to be honest about your decisions on what exercise is for you. All you are carrying out is a function or practice. It’s after you complete the exercise, that you can then make all the adjustments you need to move forward without judgment. This goes for all forms of exercise: mental, emotional, creative and of course the most grounding of all, physical.

Measure your results how you see fit. You won’t be surprised you got there, you’ll be humbled.

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