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Skill over time creates proficiency.

How we train ourselves for goals extends beyond the physical capabilities we exercise from day to day.

It’s not just our body being challenged, but also our whole philosophy in life.

The training methods we use to handle challenges is reflected by the way we use our body in sync with our mind. Be it the limitations, the repetitions, the endurances, the strengths they are all molded by the skills we practice and appreciate.

The kilos project trains with a mindset propelled by the body. It is the conditioning by which we practice and grow.

The way we prepare influences the process for us to adapt, shift, and understand: the boundaries we plan to create, the hardships we choose to endure, and the life we decide to preserve. We believe the art of training can only be truly recognized when immersed in the midst of it’s hard work and creation. It is in that state where we see where our true potential lies.

This is why we train. ///

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