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Recover well and be well recovered.

The kilos project emphasizes a creative care to ‘recover’. Outside of the traditional recovery practices we hold as a standard for entry, the process we embark on instead challenges us to restore a deeper meaning of value to our body, mind and soul. We believe it’s the framework from which all of our systems thrive and nourishe every aspect of life; However, our ability to recover requires practice.

Recovery can be the catalyst for creation, but only nurtured by a choice to care.

This mindset to look past our own judgment over our body and mind teaches us more about ourselves than we realize. In fact, the act of recovery allows us the space to center our focus from all the time and energy we use to live out our expectations. And like most things in life it’s how we recover from our actions that make all our efforts even more worthwhile.

Recovery is our action put to rest, restore, and regenerate.

We heal, we repair, we become a more experienced version of ourselves.

That philosophy cultivates a wisdom and humility no other wellness practice delivers.

This, is how we recover. ///