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Tom the creator of Glass Void is a graphic artist based in Germany who specializes in crafting unique analog glitched videos and still images for a diverse list of clientele, including bands, artists, filmmakers & brands. Through the collaboration of both well-known and emerging talents, he’s contributed to the creation of visual media and live experiences for Festivals and Tours worldwide.

Glass Void’s narrative process for every graphic and video design beautifully distorts the line between mistake and perfection. With each visual alteration and technicolor manipulation Tom manages to transform any image error into a hallucinatory dreamscape.

For TKP’s first video project we wanted to blend the fitness world together with the glitch art realm. Conventionally, fitness videos often require a clean and precise visual demonstration of the exercises in motion, but TKP wanted to distress this concept to the basics and create glitch video demos for the six fundamental movement patterns: squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge, and rotate.

Our approach to showcase patterns rather than a particular type of exercise was an intentional and artistic decision. Online fitness content already contains a variety of exercises to select and learn from, but in our attempt for this project we wanted to disrupt a static concept and create the glitch art version of a movement demonstration instead. Removing verbal cues, textual explanations and even faces to model the movement on screen allows the viewer to experience each pattern in an artistic way. Glass Void and his mixed media techniques manages to represent this experimental art piece perfectly.

For more info on Glass Void check out his infosheet.

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